All set for any task

New Isuzu D-Max S CAB combines power and technology. This popular workhorse has been upgraded and empowered with the development of technology, making it the ultimate choice.

Multiple storage spaces More space while on the go

Compact Design

High mount stop lamp
Extra precaution for the vehicle approaching from the rear.

Rear parking sensor
For maximum ease of parking.

Large wheels (40.64 cms.) with tubeless tyres
For better comfort and safety

Powered windows with driver auto-down
Automated convenience for the driver and the passengers.


Multi-Information Display (MID)
Advanced MID gives driver information about vehicle performance parameters.
Brake Override System
An intelligent system that reacts to panic braking of the vehicle, even when the accelerator is pressed with the brakes


From the ergonomic seats to the ample storage options, the New Isuzu D-Max S CAB interior is designed to provide a comfortable and practical workspace for drivers.

Towards your Goals, Safely

Collapsible steering column adds safety for the driver in the event of a frontal collision.

Cleaner and Greener

Powerful & proven engine with VGS technology for unbeatable performance.
Power Door Lock and Power Window with Auto Wind Down for Driver

New Isuzu D-Max S CAB offers power door locks, power windows and an auto wind down feature for driver’s window.

Cross-car front beam and side-door intrusion beams
Provides added safety from front and side impacts.

The new D-MAX S-CAB now better than ever

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